Facts about Rave Clubs

An all night dance party that is held in a strange setting like a rail road yard or a warehouse featuring computer generated high pitched pulsating music which is called techno music is known as a rave. The initiation of rave clubs was in England in the later years of 1980 and they were popular for the loud music and use of drugs such as Ecstasy. However, to say that all ravers consume drugs would not be right as they don’t. Adolescence at the age of 13 to young adults who are in their late 20s’ seem to be attracted to rave clubs and announcement for their parties are often posted on fliers or the net. The rave movement was a phenomenon event which was compared to the peace and love movement of the 60s’ and 70s’. Those who attended these parties were often found with baby pacifiers and surgical face marks with glow-sticks and strange costumes.
Substances used on the rave dance scene
Many substances of abuse have been associated with the rave clubs and some of them with their effects are enlisted below-
• Ecstasy – This is a synthetic drug like meth and the hallucinogenic mescaline. Ecstasy significantly increases the rate of the heart, blood pressure and a sense of attentiveness. They help the users to dance for very long and is widely used in clubs even if it has some fatal side effects like hyper tension, brain damage, dehydration and failure of heart or kidney.
• Ephedrine – This stimulant is conveniently available in over the counter stores and is sold as Herbal Ecstasy. It belongs to the Amphetamine family and is a common weight loss substance. It has some dangerous side effects like palpitation and agitation along with heart attacks and seizures.
• Ketamine – This drug is used in combination with other drugs like cocaine, heroin and ecstasy and is usually snorted. The high you get can last anywhere from half an hour to about 2 hours. It was called the Vitamin K in the underground club scene and had emerged as a recreational drug in the 70s’.
• GHB – This is a depressant and was used as a club drug because of its effects which are similar to those of Rohypnol. The effects of this drug are dangerous and can lead to coma and seizures specially when mixed with alcohol.
• Methcathinone – This stimulant drug produces a burst of energy along with the state of euphoria. Its effects include anxiety and nervousness whereas the physical effects can be stomach aches, headaches and a pounding heart. Also known as Khat, it can be snorted, injected or even taken orally.
• Magic Mushrooms – This hallucinogenic drug is similar to LSD. It can be ingested orally and some of its side effects include hallucinations and illusions as well as convulsions and if taken in excess, possible death.
What parents must know about Club Drugs?
Parents should be alert about over crowded parties as their children can be exposed to drug use and risk to their health as well as safety. Ensure that you know where they are going before they get permission from you.