How are drugs & gangs related

Primary distributors for the illicit drugs on US streets are prison gangs, outlaw motorcycle gangs and street gangs. It is they who smuggles the drugs into the country and transport them all around the country. The members of street gang produce the maximum amount of PCP which is available in US and they convert the powdered cocaine into crack cocaine as well as marijuana and meth. They are largely involved in the smuggling of marijuana and cocaine and in lesser quantities, meth, heroin and MDMA which is also called Ecstasy around the US from foreign supplies.

How do gangs operate?

The street gangs usually vary in structure, size and composition and are located throughout the country. They are the highest threat to the nation because they produce, distribute, transport and smuggle huge quantities of illegal drugs and are very violent. They are a growing threat to the security of the country and they collect a lot of money every month by trafficking weapons, selling stone property, by operating the prostitution rings as well as selling illegal drugs. They launder this revenue by investing in construction companies, recording studios and real estate as well as business based on like restaurants, barber shops, music stores, etc. The purpose is to mingle the proceeds of drugs with the funds that are usually generated along the legitimate commerce.
Gangs are involved in criminal activities in all the US territories though most of it is concentrated in urban areas. They are able to flee from law enforcements and employ violence in order to expand their drug activities. The authorities throughout the country report that most of the serious crimes are because of these gangs who engage in many criminal activities which include burglary, assault, extortion. shooting, robberies, etc. They are a menace to the American society and keep expanding their drug business by targeting rival gangs and also dealers who do not pay up their extortion fees.

Is your youngster involved in gang activities?

If you notice a youngster in your family hanging out with different friends in different places, using hand signals and spray painting graffiti there is a possibility that they are engaged in gang activities. If they dress up in like manner by wearing the same clothing, bandanas, or even folding up their pants in a particular way, it is a sure sign that they are into substance abuse which is a feature of gang members. Moreover, they often have tattoos and will be involved in imitating the actions and dressing of wrap artists. There is a feeling of solidarity amongst the members and a tendency of hiding facts and behaving strangely.
Youngsters, once involved in a street gang, show strange signs of indifference and often abuse substances in order to fit into their group. They turn violent and abusive and are given in to bouts of depression and erratic behavior. This may be caused by their habitual drug addiction. In the US, such street gangs who are involved in abusing drugs as well as trafficking them are common and found all across the country.