The relation between drugs and rock music

The Egyptian culture has always been viewed through a mysterious shroud. Their daily life, particularly their leisure time was spent in doing the same activities that we indulge in today. An essential role was played by music with festivities and banquets being a common way of passing idle time. Sensual activity was the focus during gatherings and the consumption of alcohol and narcotics were popular. They believe that music please the God and the mortals alike because of which music was an integral part of their culture.

The role of drugs in ancient Egypt

There are many proofs to show that music was very important in the Egyptian culture and there were many instruments used that have been found though we do not know how they sounded when they were played. Most Egyptians were women and they performed at festivities and banquets accompanied by dancers. Flutes, drums, harps and lutes were common instruments. Those who enjoyed music also enjoyed the wine that went with it. The banquets were erotic and exotic with special emphasis paid to the pleasure of the senses of smell and taste. | Party goers often combined alcohol with narcotic flowers especially the Blue Lotus which was a Lily believed to have narcotic properties. The enjoyment was further enhanced by every attendee being given a special flower which they could smell during the entertainment in order to feel aroused and to get a high. Servants would be ordered to place ointments on the wigs of the party goers to deliver a sweet fragrance. Though the center of attraction was the performance of the dancers who would range from fluid and slow movements to the more vigorous ones, narcotics or drugs played an important role to add the sensual feeling to their occasions.

The History of Drug And Music

When you look into the genres of rock music you will notice that most of the songs and the lyrics revolved around drugs, sex, violence and the occult. Their approach was very rebellious and sarcastic and most of their lyrics were on the darker side. There have been many famous songs sung by artists who spoke about their experiences of drugs so engrossed were they in their addictions that even the music revolved round it.
Studies have shown that drugs and rock and roll music affect the brain in the same way. There is a feeling of pleasure that people get from listening to music and it is very much alike to the same feeling that one gets from taking illicit drugs, useful articles for people how are looking to pass a drug test products. The experience is just as thrilling and like music that can provide us with life changing moments drugs too have the same potential. The reason behind this is that there is a substance that brain cells release which is called Dopamine. This is released as a side effect of listening to music but scientist have shown that every time a person experiences a thrill, this substance is released giving the person a feeling of thrill and excitement.